Alejandro Sajgalik

Cantos para los insaciables (2019)solo performance with a sample sequencer
length : 45 minutes

Cantos para los insaciables
is a bridge linking a mystical experience with feelings of insatiability that find solace in addiction. It is a quest for lost fragments, a yearning to once again reach the cosmic orgasm.

Cantos para los insaciables is a dive into intergenerational memory anchored within the nervous system. Nihilistic doctrines and metaphysical uprootedness forge complex links that weave a self-dissolving matrix. It’s a pilgrimage to the state which seems to crystallize the spirit of today's cycle: insatiability. At its source, the identification with a dehumanizing utopian will. The latter being insatiable by definition, I exhibit its allies: self-deception, desire, greed.

Cantos para los insaciables is a performance with a sample sequencer. It is a polyphony of dissonant archetypes, from vocal voyages to relentless repetitions of distorted samples, where folk rhythms and ancestral possession music are invoked in a techno-temple’s echo chamber. The body revisits territories and objects with a relationship oscillating between physical, intuitive and neurotic states, allowing new neuropathways to emerge and restructure the nervous system. This myelination enables archaic mythologies to retake root and open futures. This process highlights the spiritual wasteland of Western society: a stubborn quest for the luminous via chaos.

choreography, music, performance  Alejandro Sajgalik
artistic advisor  Eduardo Ruiz Vergara
lighting design  Hugo Dalphond
scenography  Alejandro Sajgalik

residencies Circuit-Est centre chorégraphique, MAI (Montréal, arts interculturels), Oboro, Studio 303, LA SERRE – arts vivants. with financial support from Conseil des arts et des lettres du Québec, Canada Council for the Arts.

VIVA! Art Action
(Montreal)  26 September 2019 
Tangente (Montreal) November 2019 

images ©
Frédéric Chais
Denis Martin
Aaron Pollard
Paul Litherland