Alejandro Sajgalik

N'importe où hors du monde (2018)
solo performance with an accordion and live electronics
length : 10 minutes

A ritual dance to fix the web of time where it was broken. A descendant of restless blood in permanent exile, I bear the weight of my ancestors. Strapped on my shoulders, it limits my movement, which finds an echo in the music. My breath follows the rhythm of memory: the accordion ebbs and flows, the bolero torn between masculine and feminine. Prior to rebirth, I shake off patterns. I untie myself from these prop-identities and renew with emptiness. Like a good bonfire I leave no trace. Digging new roots in impermanence, anywhere out of the world.

choregraphy, music, performance, costumes  Alejandro Sajgalik
lighting design  Sylvie Nobert, Lee Anholt
outside eye  Nate Yaffe

residency  José Navas/Compagnie Flak

(Montreal) September 2018

Presented as part of Danses Buissonnières, a yearly showcase of emerging choreographers in Montréal.

images ©
Nick Bostick
Denis Martin

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